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4 Easy steps to take before selling your home

Call it whatever you like, staging, primping or glossifying- most of today’s homeowners in greater Cincinnati need to do “something” before opening their doors to potential buyers.  How much or how little prep work done really depends on the condition of your home and how much money and/or time sellers are willing to donate.

My advice to the average owner (average equals =taken good care of the property and no massive repairs needed) is:

  1. Fix/replace broken stuff. Remember I’m a huge advocate of pre-listing whole house inspections so if you’re not sure what’s broken or leaking- the inspection is the best way to find out.
  2. De-clutter and clean. Keep it simple-if you think you have too much furniture …so will buyers.  Store, sell or donate excess furniture, items stored in garages, basements or attics.  And if you don’t like to clean your house- hire somebody to do it.  Greasy fingerprints on doors, walls and cupboards are not big selling points.  Make sure the kitchen and bathroom(s) sparkle.
  3. Freshen up paint. If your walls have marks from old pictures, knicks or dings from furniture or fingerprints on the wall going up and down the stairs- refresh with a coat of neutral color paint.
  4. Final step- invest in new carpeting.  Worn out paths of carpet usually in family rooms, stairs and hallways and heavily used bedrooms may clean up nicely with professional cleaning.  (call if you need the name of a great carpet cleaner)  But if the carpet is really worn and beat- replace it with decent grade pad and moderate priced carpet in a neutral shade.

Sprucing up paint and carpeting has the highest payoff when it comes to selling.  Remember today’s buyer want  to buy a property that’s in good shape and allows them to simply drop their furniture in..and hit the mall by the afternoon. Always remember to check us out at