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7 Most Popular Upgrades

A Latin Proverb states, “He makes his home where the living is best.”  Our home is an extension of us; an expression of our lifestyle. When seeking a place to call home, convenience and practicality play a huge role in our decisions. Once we move in, our style takes over the decorating and viola…HOME. Let’s dig in to what areas of our home we become most attracted to. With the help of MarketWatch and a survey taken by Better Homes & Gardens readers, there are seven spaces we are most likely to consider.

2nd floor laundry   1. A Separate Laundry Room.

Having a laundry room helps to keep things organized, and having it on a convenient floor level rather than in the basement helps with efficiency — a key component in our lives today. Even integrating the laundry room into other spaces works as it allows for multitasking which is a huge part of our lives today. But it doesn’t have to be deluxe. It’s been found, as stated in a Better Homes & Garden survey, that moderate sized rooms work just fine for families today.

2. Additional storage space and walk in closets

More and more of us are looking for space and organization. This doesn’t include the wide open floor plans that are becoming popular today. I’m talking about the amount of space available for our stuff. Closets, pantries, storage rooms…everyone needs a place to store their clutter, whether it be holiday decorations, kids toys, clothes, food, whatever. The more space to hide what we don’t consider part of our decor, the better. After all, the idea is to maximize every inch of the home.


3. Outdoor living area

Decks and sun rooms are becoming more popular. With serenity becoming scarce in our busy, multitasking lives, the outdoors brings peace and comfort in our homes. Whether entertaining or curling up to a good book, the sun feels even better on your face in your own home space.


4. Bedroom with a private bath

Some think they don’t need it, some think they do. Either way, it’s nice to have, isn’t it? Imagine it’s early in the morning and the kids are getting ready for school. Anyone hogging the bathroom? No need to worry. You have your own, right? It’s more than the idea that you will never have to worry about the kids hogging your bathroom while you need to get ready for work. It’s the idea of peace and quiet; tranquility. An added bonus: a larger bath for you and your bubbles or a shower that makes you feel as if you are bathing under a waterfall. Whatever that private bath does for you, it’s worth the extra in the mortgage.

5. Home office or Workspace

Everyone needs a place for their electronics, hobbies, and work. More home builders are incorporating this space into the core of their new houses. A quiet place to get work done is a necessity for some. Or perhaps this workspace is a multitask area for you to be able to work, but also enjoy the family. Whatever you use the space for, this extra room helps keep the rest of the house more organized.

6. Everyday eating space in or close to the Kitchen

Breakfast nooks, sun rooms, eating bars…the trend seems to capitalize on our need to multitask and gather. It’s convenience with style.

bathroom7. Upgraded Bathrooms and Kitchens

Kitchens and baths have always been the most popular remodeling targets, with the kitchen being the focal point of most projects in the recent past. But this year the baths are getting more attention as well. We tend to seek a stylish, more personalized fit and finish to these rooms. Entertaining in the kitchen, and relaxation in the bath. These rooms are two of the most important rooms to us, and most likely to be the make it or break it when it comes to home shopping.

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