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A Few Tips to Prep Your Home for the Fall

As the kids are going back to school and the heat index is still through the roof, you may not realize that it’s time to start prepping your home for fall. Checking out your systems and getting things ready for colder weather is best done before the autumn chill sets in.

Some of the more obvious seasonal chores that arise are cleaning out the gutters and putting away the pool toys, but here are a few more tips to help ready your home for fall.

Heat it Up – Do a heat check before you need it. During the summer it’s easy to forget about your heating system since your main concern is about the efficiency of your air conditioner. Take the time to have a specialist do a thorough check of your heating system once a year before the cold weather sets in and save yourself lots of home owner stress in repairs. Stick with your repairman as he checks the system so he can show you any important features such as levers for flipping vents, filters, and other things he will be looking for to make sure the system is running well. For gas heat your specialist should inspect everything from the pilot light to the chimney flue. If your system is not venting properly you run the risk of dangerous carbon monoxide build up in your home.

Flush it Out – If you have an in ground sprinkler system make sure you flush out those lines before the freeze sets in. This is done by blowing air into the pipes to replace any water left in the lines from summer watering. Because pipes are only inches below the surface they are prone to freezing and could make for costly repairs in the spring if not treated properly in the fall.

Check on Top – A once yearly roof inspection will help you get the full life out of your shingles. Take this opportunity to look for rotting and loose shingles, debris accumulating on your roof that could cause soft spots, trim dead or overhanging branches, and clear leaves from gutters. This is also a good time to repair any siding, inspect gutters and downspouts that may show wear and tear and make sure no repairs are needed.

These three tips will give you a great jump-start on prepping your home for colder climates. As a homeowner, developing a regular maintenance schedule is the key to keeping your largest investment in tip-top condition.

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