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A Quick Look at Cincinnati’s Real Estate Market

It’s good to frame last week’s real estate activity in greater Cincinnati by taking a minute to review the past week.

The number of single family homes continues to decline with 10,297 active listings, but contrary to popular belief shrinking inventory does not increase buyers interest. Older listings end up gathering dust, while newly listed properties are gobbled up almost as soon as they hit the market. this is even true with homebuilders. Newer market homes, and incentives are more likely to spur a visit to a builders community than just the famous “Sunday drive”. So if you’re waiting for the market to pick up steam….this real estate market is waiting for you to put a sign in your front yard and pick your new home with your local home builder.

About Julie Wiedmeyer

Julie was a new home sales counselor for Maronda Homes in Cincinnati, OH. She spent her career in the real estate & new construction industry and is passionate about helping to educate home buyers. When she isn't spending time with clients she enjoys her family and animal rescue.

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