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Active Adult Living, Is it Right for You?

So you want to retire in Florida and you’re thinking about moving to an Active Adult Community.  You have looked at the websites and seen the brochures.  The Club Houses are beautiful as are the pools and the Golf Course is green and lush.  It looks like an idyllic life and for some folks it is!  The question is, will it be an idyllic life for you and your spouse?  At Maronda Homes I frequently get questions like, Does Maronda Homes build in any Active Adult Communities or are any of the Maronda Homes Communities Age Restricted?  Usually, the person asking the question is from up North and they are approaching retirement.

Active Adult communities abound in Florida.  They are all about the Amenities.  The sales representative will show you the Club House, the Pool, the Tennis courts, and the Golf Course.  They will point out the weekly Bridge Clubs, Euchre Clubs and the Poker Clubs that are available.  By the time they get to looking at the house styles available, most folks are already on information overload.  Before you make the Big Leap into the Active Adult lifestyle take a look at the following countdown of five things to see if Active Adult is right for you.

5) The HOA fees for a non age restricted community are way less than one with a full time activity director.  Sure it’s fun for the first 18 months but then…..?  Do you tend to be frugal?  Would the cash flow of a high monthly expense that doesn’t go away bother you?

4) Florida is filled with GREAT golf courses.  The reasons private courses can’t stay private here is, there are so many good courses, few people want to limit themselves to just one course, even if it’s a great course!  For those that play Golf there is nothing better than the adventure of having a regular foursome play different courses.  Maybe you enjoy getting to know a course.  Playing one course for a month or more and then moving on to a new course is a luxury that really can’t be enjoyed in places other than here in Florida.

3) Your children or grandchildren can visit for an extended period without you having to file for a special exemption or getting special permission from the HOA.   Let’s face it, unexpected things happen with our families and our children.  A friend of mine who lives in a Florida Active Adult community was explaining about a neighbor in his community where the daughter found herself homeless and brought herself and the grandkids to her parents’ home in the community.  This was tolerated for about a week by the other residents but it has grown to a serious problem for the Community and the Parents that just wanted to help now find themselves in the middle of a mess.  Sell their home at a fire sale price so they can move somewhere or pay to rent someplace so their daughter and grandchildren have someplace to live.  Neither is a great choice for what most likely is a temporary situation.

2) People tend to maintain a broader range of interests and do more volunteer work in an open community rather than the closed environment of an active adult community.  Florida attracts residents from all over the world.  There are so many new activities to try it is easy to find people of similar interests.  Be it enjoying sports as a player or a fan, or an area of interest from Hot Air Balloons to Birding to volunteer work, there are opportunities everywhere.

1)  Halloween is infinitely more fun with little kids in their costumes ringing your door bell and saying “trick or treat” than having an inebriated neighbor ringing your bell and asking for a drink.  It might be funny the first time it happens, but you won’t want it to become a annual tradition, regardless of how great their costume is.

I know some people really love active adult, and if that is what you have your heart set on, then that is the way to go.  There are plenty of Active Adult communities in Florida.  Many do a great job of providing and selling amenities and if that is what is important to both you and your spouse, then they are the right place to go.  But if one or two of the reasons I listed ring true to you, then you might want to think and consider the alternatives and Maronda Homes is an excellent alternative.  Every location in the state is sixty miles or less from the coast be it Atlantic Coast or Gulf Coast.  All of the choices have the same amount of Sunshine,  All are still in Florida.