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All Markets are Local

I recently finished a market analysis for two different areas that Maronda Homes offers homes.  The question at hand was actually were tile roofs verses shingle roofs worth the extra cost involved.   You see, barrel tile or cement tile roofs last pretty much for as long as the house lasts.  Other than maintenance and repairs they are a roof system that rarely need to be replaced.  Shingle on the other hand has a life expectancy of somewhere between 13 and 25 years under the hot Florida sun.  The tile roof lasts longer but weighs a lot more and requires stronger trusses to support it, so between the material cost and extra structural costs tile roofs add a lot, to the cost of a home.

One consideration is if a tile roof lets loose in a hurricane it adds to the flying debris and a chunk of flying tile in a hurricane force wind can cause some damage.  It doesn’t happen very often but it does happen.  So generally a developer or builder either wants a community to be all tile roof or all shingle.  Mixing roof types in one community simply makes the shingle roof owners, victims of the flying projectiles in high wind conditions.  Given that a tile roof can add about $30,000 to a $200,000 house, it’s a tough decision for any builder to make.   The roof tile manufactures will show how over the life of the home the tile roof pays for itself.  But the Payback is more than fifty years.  How many of us really expect to live in the same home for over fifty years?

So it’s really a matter of taste.   As a customer, would you rather live in a community where all the roofs were tiled and spend the extra money?  Which is more valuable to you.  The look and feel of a neighborhood or maximizing the amount of space in your home?  It seems the answer is very local.  Of the two areas studied which were only 25 miles apart I might add, once you reached a move up price point as opposed to the entry level for the area, the vast majority of homes sold had a tile roof and they sold for more money given the size of the home.  The second market however did not work the same way.  Shingled roofs were sold in all price points.  What is important to you?  Maronda Homes is all about providing an Easily Observable Better Value.  What constitutes a better value to you?  Take a look at our homes.  Chances are Maronda Homes provides the value you are looking for.