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Allergy Relief, Protecting Your Home

Allergy Relief

Home Allergies can make your ever day dwelling unbearable. Many people are constantly troubled by indoor allergens such as pet dander, dust, and/or mold. With a couple easy preventative steps you can make your home a sanctuary from these irritable allergy triggers.

Tips for relief

  • The bedroom is the most susceptible to allergens. Dust mites are the most common indoor irritant. Use Hypoallergenic bed and pillow liners to keep the allergens from settling into your bedding.
  • Use a HEPA air filter or purifier in the bedroom. These can cut down on the airborne allergens and provide a great relief.┬áSince you spend the most time in your bedroom it is important to protect it.
  • Don’t use feather dusters as these do a poor job of collecting and trapping the dust and dander. Use a MicroFiber duster such as a Swiffer.
  • Keep carpet surfaces at a minimum as these can really trap in dust and dander.
  • Avoid curtains and drapes as these collect dust and dander more than standard window shades or blinds that can be easily wiped clean.
  • Keep those damp areas clean. Mold can grow where you least expect it. Be sure to check the bottom of your trashcan, the refrigerator drip tray and around any window A/C units you may have.

There are a lot of things you can do to keep your home allergy free, but the best thing you can do is to try to keep your home as clean and dry as possible. If you take these couple tips to heart you will be breathing easier in no time.