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Announcing the NEW Maronda Homes Selection Center at SP Floors, LLC

Maronda Homes is happy to announce that we’ve partnered with SP Floors to create a new Selection Center at the SP Floors Route 19 showroom!The showroom is accessible to Maronda Home buyers to provide a physical way of selecting from NEW carpeting, flooring, countertop, and cabinetry options that we’ve never-before offered in Maronda homes, doubling, tripling, and even quadrupling the available finishing options that we offer.

Professional Consultation

After their home purchase, buyers make an appointment at the Selection Center through one of our Maronda New Homes Specialists, where they will be treated to a four-part selection process with none other than the President of SP Floors, Stacey Pape, and members of her senior management team. The buyers are then walked through the selection process, handling physical tile, laminate, vinyl, hardwood, countertop, and cabinet samples. “What’s really nice about it is we’re able to help the homeowner pull it all together in one place”, says Pape, who usually begins by helping the buyer select countertops, picking between our laminates or our new quartz and granite selections. After choosing the countertops and the color, style, and materials of the cabinets, Pape helps customers match their flooring throughout the house, drawing on her intimate and extensive knowledge. With our new flooring, we’re very pleased to offer a wide variety of new carpets, hardwoods, vinyls, and laminates at a variety of price levels to accommodate any customer’s wants and needs.


Personal Design ServiceThis is not the first joint venture between Maronda and SP Floors. “They’ve been our supplier of all our flooring for over 10 years with the same management team, so there is a strong understanding of our business philosophy and business needs”, says Corky Houchard, Maronda Homes Vice President. Indeed, SP Floors and Maronda have a long history of collaboration, giving customers an unprecedented level of understanding and knowledge when they work with Stacey in the Selection Center. This knowledge and understanding, in addition to the wide variety of new options that the Selection Center affords customers, adds up to huge savings for the customer and “An Easily Observable Better Value!”

Check back daily for updates on the wide variety of new Maronda Homes options that we’re hard at work to bring you in the coming weeks!

The Selection Center is available by appointment only.