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Are you Virtual or Real when Buying Real Estate?

Personally I love the easy access to information and merchandise that the virtual world offers-but personally I wouldn’t buy a camera without actually holding it and looking through the view finder, or a car without a test drive period to make sure that the comfort and visibility meet my requirements. But in today’s virtual mecca, many potential buyers rule out properties on the basis of photographs alone. However like many products today-pictures can be deceiving and it would be beneficial for the house hunters to look away from the screen and move from virtual world into the real world. That means getting into your car and either meeting a new home counselor or the agent for the homebuilder, and house hunting, or looking at properties during open houses.

Potential buyers may be missing out on the perfect home because the photos of the “virtual home” doesn’t grab their attention. I encourage all buyers to look at a few properties that may not look great online but “in person” sometimes become the property they end up loving. consumers will continue to spend tons of time searching for homes online. and eventually, somebody will come up with better and even easier ways to capture and display the look and feel of homes. Who knows, maybe one day even I’d be comfortable buying a home online…..without leaving the comfort of home. But until I can figure out where the virtual bathroom is located in my virtual office, I’ll continue to walk through and sell real properties.

What do you think?

About Julie Wiedmeyer

Julie was a new home sales counselor for Maronda Homes in Cincinnati, OH. She spent her career in the real estate & new construction industry and is passionate about helping to educate home buyers. When she isn't spending time with clients she enjoys her family and animal rescue.

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