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Bathing in Beauty: Your Maronda Home Spa Bath Retreat

Maronda Homes Spa Bath Retreats

Creating a peaceful getaway doesn’t involving going on vacation anymore. The serenity of relaxing in your own spa style bathroom will bring your hard day’s work to a peaceful ending. As always, Maronda will do the work, while you relax in your own spa bath retreat.

As many of our homes provide more than one bath, the master suite is one location where your happiness often begins. After all, Maronda and their partners work hard to ensure that their products ensure the maximum value for your investment.

As Merrilat Cabinetry surrounds your kitchen, the last stop is the bath. Merrilat cabinets in your bath feature stylish designs and layouts that provide storage to meet your lifestyle and needs. Selecting your favorite cabinetry will make your everyday actives that much easier. There will never be a question of where to put the shampoo, aspirin, or even the bath toys ever again.

According to leading researchers, woman spend 3x’s more time in the bathroom than men. So why not make it a place to enjoy? Why not have your own private spa bath retreat?

The doors are locked, and no visitors allowed. The bubbles are floating over your tub, while the kids are finally in bed. Reaching into your Merrilat cabinets will reveal your soaps, wash clothes, lotions, shampoos and conditioners, and everything that ads serenity to your spa bath retreat. Beautiful full length mirrors gaze back at your reflection, while the steam is finally taking over your view. This is how a master bath retreat should make you feel.

See it for yourself: Be sure to keep up with our social media sites to be the first to see where and when our very first commercial will be aired! As Maronda recognizes how important the spa bath retreat is to the mom in your family, a 30- second commercial was filmed in one of our most luxurious homes, The Lincoln in Hunters Ridge, Cincinnati, Ohio.