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Beat the Winter Blues-Spruce Up Your Home

Winter got you feeling blue? This on off weather of rain and snow can really bring you down. Don’t let this drab weather keep you sulking at your window, watching and waiting for Spring to come. Allow it to excite you into bringing Spring to you by sprucing up the interior of your home. Here are some simple ways to transform your Winter Blues into Spring Hues:

CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN — Ok, so this is a topic that doesn’t seem all too fun. But an old fashioned spring cleaning can do wonders for your mood! Get rid of clutter. Recycle winter magazines and replace them with spring magazines, such as Better Homes and Gardens, Country Living, or House & Home. Placing these neatly on your coffee table is the easiest way to bring color to your room. Getting rid of the dust is a sure fire way to make your space feel fresh. As a matter of fact, using a dryer sheet to dust will repel the dust from settling for a longer period of time, giving you more time to relax and less time spent getting rid of those pesty dust mites. And don’t forget the smell of something fresh! A tart burner creates an intoxicating aroma with the right scent–and it helps to add a bit of light to the room.

BRING IN THE LIGHT — Now that we’ve mentioned light, try opening your blinds. Move a comfortable chair by a sunny window for morning coffee or afternoon reading. Use mirrors. Placing a mirror on your wall opposite of a window will light up the room, not to mention making it feel larger.

PAINT — Been looking to update the look of your space? Bring on the color! There is nothing better than a fresh look. You don’t have to paint the walls to get the feeling of change. Have an old piece of furniture that is not catching your eye anymore? A fresh coat of paint will transform a drab piece into a focal point. Even just a new piece of artwork can make your room shine with Spring boldness!

REARRANGE — Sometimes just rearranging your furniture helps pack the blues away. You don’t have to block in all of your furniture against the walls. Pull your couch away from the wall and place a tall skinny table behind it with a vase on top. Of course, filling that vase with fresh flowers will bring Spring to your space. Try different arrangements until you feel relaxed and comfortable with the feel of the room.

BRING IN THE GREEN — Adding greenery to your space will lighten up the room. Also, did you know that plants help create healthier air? After a winter of coughing, sneezing, and just feeling “blah”, bringing in plants can completely change your mood. Topiary’s, herb gardens, ivy, spider plants–these make great indoor plants. Nothing says Spring like fresh plants! Bouquets of fresh cut flowers do wonders to lift moods. Even better, spread the cheer outdoors and hang a spring wreath on your door.


If these suggestions helped motivate you, let us know on our this blog to show us your support. Having trouble getting out of the winter blues alone? This is the perfect project to pick up with some good friends. Make a day of it, and let us know how it goes!



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