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Beat the Winter Blues

6 Ways to Help Your Sanity this Winter

Beat the winter blues this year!  It’s about that time…The dreary days and cold weather are getting you down.  Don’t let Mother Nature get the best of you!  Here are a few easy coping tips to get you through to the bright days of spring.

  • Exercise:  A great way to shorten the long days of winter is to get active!  You don’t need an expensive gym membership to be active.  Try walking the mall in the morning with a group of friends.  Explore your local cable listings.  There are many channels that offer workouts that you can do in the warmth of you home.  Staying in shape and getting your blood flowing can instantly improve your mood!
  • Stay Connected:  It’s very easy to just stay indoors during the cold months.  Get Out!  Call your friends and family and meet for coffee or dinner.  Staying in touch with people is good for your soul!  Laughing with loved ones is an instant mood booster.
  • Brighten your Home:  If you are stuck indoors, tackle a home project!  Whether it be painting a room, switching up your family room layout, or choosing new carpet; a “new” look can make you more excited to be spending time indoors.
  • Plan a Vacation:  Give yourself something to look forward to!  Plan a winter thaw trip with family or friends.  Dreaming of laying on the beach in a few short weeks can get anyone motivated to get through the gloom!  This may also give you that added boost to get or stay active!
  • Comfort Food Cooking:  The cold weather seems to warrant certain culinary creations.  Explore new chili or stew recipes.  Enjoy the wide variety of satisfying soups.  Break out the slow cooker for some home cooked creations!  A hot meal will warm you up inside and out.
  • Embrace the Season:  If you can’t beat it…join it!  Whether you are with your kids, family, or friends…head outdoors!  Build a snowman, go sledding, bring back those fun childhood memories!  If going into the cold isn’t for you…Build a fire in your fireplace, snuggle up, and watch the snow fall.

In the words of Annie, “The sun will come out tomorrow!”  And in 5 months from now, when the heat is unbearable, remember your winter fun!