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Behind the Scenes: Maronda Homes Commercial

Maronda Homes Commercial

In early November, Maronda Homes began a journey down a road untouched; COMMERCIALS! The idea of creating a commercial to showcase how beautiful our homes truly are was mildly intimidating. Thankfully, the team at Maronda Homes pulled through and created an amazing experience.

At the crack of dawn, in Cincinnati Ohio, Maronda Homes team members, a production crew and actors/actresses, embarked on a journey to create the first two commercials ever, by Maronda Homes.

Marond Homes Commercial ActorsAs nerves were kicking in with everyone on the team, many were nervous about the first journey for a commercial. Our first commercial shoot started with our luxury kitchen. The commercial set-up was long and intricate, with lighting and sound, but when the cameras were ready to roll, so were we.

As soon as the director yelled “Action” is was show time. As our gorgeous actress settled right into place as the mother of our shoot, it was only a matter of time for the butterflies to leave. Our mother actress was dressed beautifully in her black dress with two of the most adorable kids!

Fun Fact Time: When watching our commercial video, Maronda Homes team members purposely incorporated many items with “green colorings” to remind viewers of our logo and color.

The kitchen glowed and was full of laughter throughout the day, as many were learning the ways of the video world.

If you are going to do a commercial for the kitchen, you have to do one for the bath!

Maronda Homes Commercial Spa BathThis is where the fun begins.

The second half of the team’s day began in the spa-style bathroom. This was the obvious choice because of its beauty, lighting, spacious floor plan and overall glamorous feel.

What an amazing experience to see how the crew made this luxurious scene happen!

Did you know?

Team members had to prep the shower scene by letting the water run to create overwhelming steam because of how large the shower is!

Maroda Homes Comercial Work HardNeedless to say, this scene had to be last because of our actress was required to wash her hair.

Just as our day started with excited faces, we ended with tired ones. Who knew two 30-second commercials would take 11 hours! Oh, well. The experience was well worth the time and energy.


Be sure to check out our new commercials online at:

An added bonus?  Watch the commercial on the BIG screen in your local Cinemark Theater in Pittsburgh PA, Columbus OH, and Cincinnati OH.