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Boxed In?

Let’s face it, for many homeowners, it seems we never have quite as much storage (and overall) space as we’d like.

Wish as we might, even as our families grow, our homes stay the same size–until we move to new and larger quarters.

What can you do to make the most of smaller spaces? Here are some quick and easy home design and furniture tips that will help you fully utilize your available space–without creating unnecessary clutter.

Storage & shelving systems: Take advantage of unused space

When faced with too many belongings and insufficient space, many people panic. No worries! You can solve this dilemma by investing in storage containers and solutions that make use of the space beneath your bed. Look for other storage solutions to expand the usable space in your shelves — in the pantry, closets, and bathroom and kitchen cabinets.

Right-size your bedroom furniture — and look for under bed storage options

Today, there are many other options, like beds with built-in storage, and bunk beds for your children, and even queen and king size beds designed for tight spaces that feature shorter headboards.

Place your right-sized furniture carefully for maximum space

When you think of organization, take advantage of storage solutions like those outlined above. However, creating organization in your interior decorating is about more than under-the-bed boxes. It’s also about putting furniture in the right places, and accessorizing without creating clutter. Part of organizing is picking a theme for each room and sticking with it so that you don’t create visual disarray or disharmony.

Use mirrors and lighter colors to create the illusion of more space

The best way to make a small space feel larger is by creating white space. Simple touches, like white walls, bright lighting, and a mirror on the wall will make any room in your home seem substantially larger. No matter what you cram into your small space, you’re more likely to feel that you have room to spare.

Lighter wall colors and a well-placed mirror will expand the feel of any space

Light-colored walls paired with bright lighting create an effect similar to that of a sunny day outside; as light bounces off the walls, the room seems to open up. In contrast, dark walls can absorb light and make even larger spaces feel smaller or even cramped.

The hardest part of living in a small space isn’t figuring out where to put all of your belongings–it’s learning how to create a large space out of a smaller space.

The good news? As you combine lighting, paint, mirrors, furniture choices and placement with built-in and other storage solutions, your small spaces will soon be living large!

Most of all? Have fun! Enjoy the opportunity to express your unique style — and to enlarge the feel of your your home through the simple and savvy tips above. Each step you try will build your design confidence and lead to bigger and better spaces for your home!

When these solutions have run their course, it’s time to consider a new and larger home.  Visit a Maronda Homes of Central Florida and Maronda Home of Treasure Coast to see our award-winning home designs which maximizes home efficiency and creative craftsmanship.

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