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Why Build in Jacksonville?

Jacksonville for many reasons!!

There are many reasons why people choose where they live; location, schools and prices, but Jacksonville has everything you are looking for. Jacksonville has a population just over 840,000 people which makes it the largest city in Florida. However, there is much more accessible than some smaller cities. Miami, the second largest city in Florida, has half of the population of Jacksonville, but the commute is still longer but 5 minutes average.

Home buyers are at an advantage in Jacksonville. The average list price for homes is $151,000, whereas in the United States, the average list price is around $221,000.

The average median home value in Jacksonville is $106,200, which has increased 11 percent since last year. Th US as whole has only increased by 6 percent. Home shoppers considering nearby St. Augustine may be surprised to know that the city falls short at only a 10.2 percent home value increase in the past year.  As long as the market maintains its momentum, relocating to Jacksonville may yield a higher return compared to nearby cities.

There are a total of 240 schools in Jacksonville, providing parents and families with a number of possibilities on public, private or charter schools. 24 public schools that have a GreatSchools rating of eight or higher. There are also more options in terms of type and quality of education in a larger city like Jacksonville than in surrounding suburbs.

Saving money is always important and when you buy your new home in Jacksonville the tax rate is significantly lower then the average tax rate in the US. You could be looking on saving almost 1/3 in Jacksonville.  These rates make Jacksonville the more desirable choice for those looking to save money.

With the culture ,savings, school and lifestyle in Jacksonville, why aren’t you buying???