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Building a Dream Home on a Family Budget

You may think the idea of owning your dream home and staying within your family budget is an impossibility.  With Maronda Homes of Florida it is much closer than you think.  The first step in making your Dream Home a reality is to talk with your spouse or significant other.  It is important that the two of you are on the same page.  Living in a dream home that is only the dream of one of you can quickly become a nightmare for you both.  So you are going to have to talk.  Do you want a home that is wide open and shows how spacious it is the moment you walk in or do you want a home that provides privacy and separates family activities from the entry foyer?    Is the kitchen a focal point of the home or more of a place to assemble meals?  What about the master bedroom, do you want a place that provides a retreat from the rest of the home?  Are you looking for some flexible spaces that might serve one purpose today but as the kids grow up change to a different use tomorrow?  Talk about and prioritize these things.  These effect how a home lives.

Next talk about finishes.  How dressed up do you want your home to be.  Would you rather have a smaller home with five star finishes or larger home with lots of space and standard finishes.  If you don’t know ask yourself would you rather go out to eat occasionally but when you go out go to a five star restaurant or would you rather Dine out more frequently or if dining isn’t your thing how about hotels?  For you to enjoy your trip do you need to stay in a five star hotel or is the place you visit more important.

Now that you have talked about all these things it’s time to take a look at the Maronda Homes website.  Take a look at the Home styles offered in different communities.  Which offer the balance of privacy and openness that you like.  How does the kitchen layout work?  Is there an available Gourmet Kitchen option available?  What does the Master Bedroom Suite look like?  Are there bath layout choices for the Master Bath?  Does the plan offer flex spaces that will change as your family situation changes?  Pick out two to three floor plans and then go visit a model center.  Although every model offered isn’t available to tour you can get a “feel” for the space by touring different model homes.  It also helps to see and feel the finishes.  Since Maronda Homes offers more space for less money you will find it is easier than you think to get your dream home through Maronda Homes than any other builder.