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Building and Brewing

I recently started brewing home brew beer at home.  I’ve read about it, met with friends that are home brewers, purchased the specialized equipment and am now in process for my second batch of home brew.  This time I’m trying an English Porter, one of my favorite styles of beer.  I picked up my recipe and ingredients at Hearts Home Brew and followed the directions carefully.  Bringing the water up to 160 degrees, adding gypsum to make my water chemistry closer to parts of England, (the Bass Ale parts to be specific), and steeping the cracked grains for one hour.  I then sparged the grain with 170 degree water, added my Malt Extract and  started boiling my wort.  I carefully timed adding my Irish Moss,  boil hops, finish hops and aroma hops per the plans.  Rapidly cooling the wort with partially frozen bottled water from Zephyrhills (got to use good local water).  Aerated the wort and pitched my liquid yeast from White Labs.  I’m currently enduring the long wait while it ferments. The batch is sitting in my carboy with an air lock on the top  and about once every 57 seconds or so ( not that I’m counting) I get a bubble in the air lock telling me the yeast is doing what it’s supposed to.

Tonight, I realized how similar building a New Home is to Home Brewing.   By Home Brewing I get a beer that has the best ingredients.  It matches my tastes.  I prefer English and Irish beers so I select ingredients from those areas rather than some of the more popular German grains and hops many of my friends choose.  When you build a home you pick a plan (recipe) that you like.  Select what options are important to have in your home rather than what options are popular with others but not important to you.  Then Maronda Homes follows the plan (recipe) and includes your selections (ingredients) and builds the home.  A lot happens at first and before you know it the roof is on (you boil, sparge and cast the yeast).  Then you have the long wait (while the interior activities take place) when you don’t see a lot of activity (it’s kind of like watching for a bubble every 57 seconds or so)

After a few months, ( a few weeks for my batch) you see the exterior finishes get completed as it’s time for me to bottle and condition my batch.  After a couple of more weeks, the Certificate of Occupancy is issued, you get to go to your walk through and get your first real taste of what your new home is like.   Enjoy your new home.  It was tailor brewed just for you.  It’s really a lot better than picking up a six pack that was made for just anybody.