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Building the Grades in Gainesville

Building The GRADES

When you put grades and Gainesville, Florida, what do you think of?

Most of you are probably thinking of the Florida Gators, but some Gainesville, Newberry and Santa Fe high schools all earned A+ according to Gainesville.com.

“We are very proud of the work that our high schools have done, and they certainly have improved their performance over previous years,” Education Commissioner Pam Stewart said during a media conference call.


We are building homes in these areas  so you can raise families and even if you don’t have or never plan to have school-age children, the quality of nearby schools can have an impact on how much you pay — and how much you sell a home for later.

Few ideas on why you should consider the quality of school districts when you buy your next home.

A school’s high rating often drives up the prices of homes in that school’s district. Schools basically establish an area as a good location.

Even if the market is down,  an excellent school can be the answer to help lift your homes price. A great school system can help protect your investment and it’s basically more of a “safer bet.”

Real estate never comes with guarantees, of course. But it’s certain that parents will always want the best school they can afford for their kids. In markets good and bad, home buyers should think about resale when seriously considering a home.

Remember the right home for you should be one where you feel comfortable and in a location that makes sense to you.

If your looking to build in the Gainesville area remember to find a home that fits your lifestyle, location, and education system that will benefit your family.


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