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Buying vs. Renting

Now is the time to fire your landlord.

Say bye-bye to rent and hello to living.

When you’re ready to kick your rent to the curb, you embrace a whole new perspective on life.

Owning a home is easier than you may think.

What’s the difference between renting and throwing away your money?


You need to pay to live somewhere, right. Why spend a big chunk of your pay check every month to build your landlord’s equity instead of your own? Believe it. Owning can be as affordable as renting. Then isn’t it only logical to invest in yourself, rather than making some landlord rich?

Let’s look at a comparison of owning vs. renting, and you can be the judge.

Owning                                                          Renting

Smart long term investment                   Short term waste of money

More storage space                               Inadequate storage space

Room to grow                                         Not so much

Your own back yard                                Depends on where you live

Safe neighborhood living                        Depends

Pet friendly                                              Do they accept pets

You choose the colors                             You get what they have

Multiple floor plans                                  Limited choice

Build equity                                              Landlords equity

Appreciation                                            Rent increases

Property tax deduction                             No

Borrow against equity                              Not your equity

We pride ourselves on helping people like you stop wasting money on rent and start realizing the dream of home ownership.

Your next step… Contact one of our sales agent’s in your preferred community to help you achieve home ownership. Maronda Homes can show you the benefits of home ownership and help make your dreams come true.