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Cannon-Macmillan School District at a Glance

Are you moving into the “Cannon-Mac” school district, and wondering how the district ranks against others near by?  We have taken this into account at Maronda, and in response our community specialists spoke with near by parents, students, and school district supervisors to get a better educate home buyers on the schooling their children will receive.

Families move to Canonsburg, PA specifically for the resources available within the Canon-McMillan School District.  Whether being recognized by the PA Department of Education or U.S. Department of Education, Canonsburg’s elementary, middle and high schools are known as some of the best.  They additionally have numerous and varied resources to support special needs children, a responsibility they welcome and a challenge the community supports wholeheartedly.

The district houses a Health Office, staffing ten RN or Health Assistants designated by school.  There is bussing for all schools within the district, but Kindergarten is half day, therefore, the bus only takes those children to the elementary school and doesn’t return them home.

A Safety Committee is in constant contact with emergency responders and a new “Life-Counts” monitoring system is in place.  Parents play an active role, choosing to serve on a Parent Council that meets frequently to address any concerns.  A free preschool is also provided for district families; ran by an administer along with high school students assisting in leading activities it’s a convenience many parents couldn’t imagine living without.

District libraries host webinars, wikis and research guides as well as house 14 computers for middle school student use and 20 for high school students while elementary school computers are in the classroom.  The high school and middle school also each boast 5-8 computer labs equipped with over 20 computers and a teacher computer.  The high school additionally has 19 Classroom of the Future Mobile carts containing 30 laptops each.  Fall and Spring varsity and junior varsity sports are a highlight for students, including swimming and diving.  A Community Scholarship Foundation provides students scholarship opportunities toward a college education.

Each of the cafeterias works to provide healthy dining options.  The elementary school even features Wellness Wednesdays where the chef produces a sampling station of new recipes featuring vegetables and whole grains.  Students trying the healthier selections receive a sticker.

Families looking to move to the Canon-McMillan School District can feel secure in knowing this school district has what it takes to provide a safe and healthy environment for children.  It has a proven track record as being one of the best.

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