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Casual Home to Sporting Dome

Home or Dome, is your home ready for the game?

Whether it is football, baseball or soccer when the big game is approaching you need to prepare and beware. When planning a large or small sporting event it smart to not skimp and make a list. There is nothing worse than having all your friends and family and running out of food.  Who’s the Party Pooper in that situation? YOU!!!!!

Home with Firends and FamilyAlthough this is going to be fun and joyous event, planning is key.  Before buying anything remember to know who you audience is, so making a guest list is key.  Understandably to you, anyone you invite should want to come and enjoy the festivities. There are some people out there that just don’t enjoy sports , so save everyone the trouble and just say no.  The best way to invite party goers is to figure out the type of people you want at your home, family, friends, sports fans or even kids.

DIY Game Day Party DecorOnce the invitee list is done you can focus on the party now.  The theory behind a good party is atmosphere, food, drinks, people and entertainment.  The atmosphere is key when making your home a sporting mecca. Decorate your home,  use banners of the teams that are playing, streamers and just fun accessories.  If you’re watching football, get some football magazines and having a simple football near the party adds life.

Remembering that the way to most people’s heart  is their stomachs, make sure the food will be remembered. You can have the game on and the home decorated, but without the food it’s just a downer. Here is a quick list:

  1. Snacks- chips and dip , nachos, buffalo chicken dip, the sky is the limit
  2. The Meal – Lunch Meat, Veggies,Hoagies, Meatballs, Wings, Pizza, Chili, sometimes delivery is better!!!  Remember if you order out a large amount a food to call ahead.
  3. Have a great desert, or many.
  4. Beverages- Of Course beer and alcoholic beverages, but remember your audience will also want other items. So have plenty of water, soft drinks, and kids drink if applicable.

Home TailgatingAlways do buffet style, making eating and serving easy.  When doing this everyone gets to enjoy the game and the food. Use disposable items to eat, this make clean-up a breeze.

Although you are planning this party for a big game make sure you have the technology to make the event shine. A large TV that is high definition with a great sound system, so every seat in the house can have a clear and shot at the TV.

Air Fresheners for the HomeAfter the fun is done, the ugly part begins.  Cleaning a home can be a large task after a party, but if you think ahead it won’t be so bad. Place garbage cans around your home so when a guest is done they will feel obligated to toss away the trash. Air fresheners are key to eliminate unwanted odors, because at the end of the night it’s still your home.

When it’s all said and done, organizing is the key to a successful sporting event party. If you are smart about the process you will be able to watch the game just as much as everyone else.

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