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Christmas Greetings from Maronda Homes

Although the title Do You Hear What I Hear?  The Fire Alarm,  is intended to be humorous, the subject of fire during the Holidays is deadly serious.  Maronda Homes would like you to enjoy a safe and Happy Holiday Season this year.  We provide these common sense reminders from the National Fire Protection Association, FEMA, and Authority Safes.  When you  Select your Tree Needles should be Green and Hard to Pull from the branches, The Trunk should be Sticky and if your bounce the trunk on the ground and a lot of Needles fall off the tree is dried out.  You should only keep a tree in your home for Two Weeks and Never locate it near a fireplace, Heat Vent  or other heat source.  Lastly, make sure you water if everyday.  When you are done with your tree Never burn it in the Fireplace or Wood Stove and please take it to a local tree disposal site or let your curbside landscape maintenance pick it up.

Statistics  11% of Christmas Tree fires are caused by Candles, 20% by locating a tree near a heat source, 33% by overloaded heat circuits, See This Holiday Season Be-Aware of your Arc Fault

 When putting up your tree look for Frayed Wires, Bare Spots, Cracks and Gaps in the insulation on all your light strings and don’t let them get kinked.  Be sure to check your electrical outlets for cracks or chips and Never Plug in more than three strings together.  The wires on a light string should NEVER FEEL WARM TO THE TOUCH.  Lastly, Never Leave lights On Unattended.

 There are an average of 150 home fires caused by holiday lights each year.  Please don’t let your home be one of them.  Have a Safe and Happy Holiday From Maronda Homes