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Cincinnati ranked #9 by Forbes Magazine

No. 9 Cincinnati, Ohio

No. 9 Cincinnati, Ohio

Rankings (of 100 largest metros):
Median Income: 44 Cost of Living Index: 24 Housing Affordability: 13 Commuting: 36 Pct. Owning Homes: 68 (64%) Crime: 30 Education: 8
No real weak spots here – upper half of the country in every category but home ownership percentage

This is Great News for Cincinnati, as a city that is filled with such pride and steeped so deeply in tradition landing on a list in Forbes is a tremendous honor in itself, but to then be in the Top 10 out of a 100 as one of the best places to raise a family!, that says a lot about this great city. Most people here would say it’s the only place to raise a family. So hat’s off to Cincinnati for such a great accomplishment.

Maronda Homes, came to Cincinnati 6 years ago with that same belief of family and tradition, we are a family owned business and have been in doing business sense 1972. Be sure to check out just a few of  Maronda Homes locations that are close to the city. And keep in mind that these communities are offering a 10 year tax abatement as well, so I would really encourage taking a look!

Village of  St. Bernard

Virginia Place

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