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Communities that Care

Maronda Homes Builds Communities That Care

When house hunting is on your mind, look no further than a community. The beauty behind community living is no secret, it’s convenience. Communities within Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky, Georgia and Florida¬†are proving that Maronda is force to reckon with.

So what is a community?

The dictionary defines community as: A group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.

The Benefits of Town Home LivingLet’s break this down. A group of people. Whether you are a single male or female, a newlywed, a blossoming family, or even a retired couple looking for the right home, people are everywhere. At Maronda, these are the people that move into our communities. As your community grows with neighbors, friends and families connect in ways that they could never imagine. Children have a playmate, neighbors, whether they are old or new friends, share a their careers and plan future vacations together. Where a school teacher could live next to a retired veteran, worlds collide and groups of people who might have never met each other, share a life with Maronda.

Maronda Homes CommunittiesYour home is the base to your community. It becomes a place of comfort and care. As your community grows with construction, the beautifully paved roads and street signs welcome you home. As friendly waves of neighbors grabbing their mail, or children learning how to ride bikes remind you of that this is the life many wish to have. Communities provide the serenity of having a private life behind walls of the lot, followed by a warm and inviting life within.

Maronda Homes Community CaresHaving a common look isn’t very hard in communities. Homes are usually modeled accordingly for the lot that is purchased and for the area is represents. Beauty also lies behind the Home Owner’s Associations that are within your community. Not every community has these boards that keep up with the areas, but that ones that do can provide a huge advantage for your community. Anything from lawn care to a playground can be implemented within your community and the HOA provides that stability.

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