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Building with Block at Maronda Homes

Block or wood, block or wood, block or wood??? The question comes up quite often when it comes to home building in the Florida Region. This is one of the basic and most common questions in building a home, but why is there such a dilemma?

When you our thinking of block; just think of your roof that you can’t live without and why would you want too? At Maronda Homes, we understand that purchasing a home is likely one of the largest investments you will make. Getting what you pay for is in large part a reason why building with block is better.

When enjoying your new home, you want the noise that is happening in the area to stay outside. Concrete block can cut down on 66% of the exterior noise compared to a wood framed home. Not only do you get the comforts of living your life everyday from a concrete block home, but it will even show you a return in your finances as well. The “thermal mass” of the concrete block helps hold cool air in on the most humid days in Florida and keep the chill out on a cold winter’s night. The savings are endless with concrete block, from comfort to affordability; Maronda Homes can build a home that fits your needs, your budget and your standards.

A key to concrete block is safety and Maronda Homes wants to help you build your home, build your family and build history in that home. The block home designs and floor plans provide you with a sense of security, from the inside out. With thicker walls and non-combustible block, these homes are much safer and even will show you a saving in your insurance premium as well. When comparing wood frames houses to a Maronda Concrete Block home when it comes to termites, the block will win hands down. It’s estimated the $500 million dollars are lost every year, due to termite damage in Florida. Protecting yourself at the beginning of the home building process, can save you finances in the future.

Maronda Homes, we believe in saving people money, especially during tough times. That’s why it’s our job to efficiently build quality homes at a great value – so you don’t end up throwing away your hard-earned dollars. Our home building process provides the most home for you and your family at the best possible price. It’s what we do.