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Daylight Savings Weekend

It’s Time to SPRING Forward

Daylight Savings is this Sunday, March 9, 2014!  Will this be the start of Spring?  We can hope!

The practice of Daylight Savings has been going on for hundreds of years.  The purpose is to try and get the best use of the daylight.  Changing the standard time to have the sun rise an hour later and set an hour later in the evening allows people to enjoy the daylight longer!  But is Daylight Savings all sunshine and roses?

  • Historically this concept was brought upon as a way to save on the energy usage of incandescent lighting.  In the modern world, this energy saving may not be as efficient.  While our lights are not on as much while we are awake, our air conditioners or fans are.  In the past electricity was our homes biggest expense which made the practice cost-effective.  Hmm, do we need to re-think this?
  • Increasing the daylight hours was also great for commerce.  Farmers and laborers had more daylight hours to complete their daily tasks.  Unfortunately, in today’s world shopping and dining and sports venues bring in big bucks.  Studies have shown that the extra daylight hours keep people outdoors at free venues like parks.  Who wants to be cooped up indoors when you can be out in the sun and fun.
  • Ah, sleep habits!  For anyone with early mornings or children, this time change can be challenging for a couple of weeks.  It might not be a bad time to bring out the alarm clock until your biological clock adjusts!  I also practice adjusting my kids sleep and wake times a week prior by a few minutes each day to avoid the time change crunch.  Be prepared! Don’t miss your Monday morning meeting or the school bus!

With all of this being said…I say, Bring on the sun! Get outdoors as much as possible.  The benefit of some natural Vitamin D on the body far outweighs that movie you were wanting to see.  Get active and stay active for your self and your family.

At Maronda Homes we pride ourselves on building energy efficient homes for you and your family.  We create the foundation for you to grow upon.  We hope enjoy this Spring and Summer season.   So don’t forget to Spring your clocks forward an hour at 2:00am this Sunday morning!