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Do I need a home inspection?

When buying a home, many people are overwhelmed and may even feel inadequate when doing a final walk through.  For this reason, some decide to hire a home inspector. This is a good option in many cases, but hiring the right inspector is very important.  An inexperienced or unqualified home inspector can be as dangerous and annoying as having your “know-it-all” brother-in-law along.

Home inspectors differ greatly from building inspectors.  A building inspector is highly trained to insure that a home is built to comply with all current building codes.  Home inspectors are required to inspect and report only defects that are either a safety concern or that represent a current or future maintenance issue.  These inspections are primarily intended for existing homes where defects and safety issues may exist.  Home inspectors are not supposed to report code deficiencies as they are many times inspecting older homes that were built under previous building codes.

Maronda Homes builds with concrete block in Jacksonville FloridaUntil last year, there was not even a licensing requirement in Florida for home inspectors.  Consequently, there were many unqualified and untrained people offering advice to buyers on one of the most important decisions of their lives.   Even though there is now a requirement to be licensed in Florida to perform home inspections, there was a “grandfathering-in” process in 2011.  This allowed many of these unqualified inspectors to gain licenses, so it is still critical that you check all credentials before hiring a home inspector.

Maronda Homes Jacksonville FloridThe best credentials for a home inspector, beyond the current licensing requirements, include years of experience either as a code inspector, a builder, or home maintenance professional.  The best way to choose a home inspector is a recommendation by a trusted source.  Many Realtors have long standing relationships with home inspectors, this can be good or it can be bad.  If your Realtor is committed to your best interest, like most, they can be a good resource, but some Maronda Homes Jacksonville FloridaRealtors are more interested in keeping the deal together than insuring the best for their buyer.  Friends and relatives can be good resource for recommending an inspector, as well as associations like NACHI (National Association of Home Inspectors), ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors), and others.

Maronda Homes Jacksonville FloridaThe biggest thing to remember is that a home inspection is a visual inspection of the home and not an exhaustive evaluation of the structure.  Home inspections are intended to identify the overall condition of the home by a qualified professional, trained at identifying problems and deficiencies.

Newly constructed homes are less likely to require a home inspection, however, this does not mean that a home inspection is inappropriate.  Mistakes can be made during construction and the builder and inspectors can miss them.  The most important factor in determining if a home inspection is needed on a new home is the experience of the builder and the buyers confidence in that experience.

Maronda Homes Jacksonville FloridaEven though Maronda Homes has been building quality concrete block homes in Florida since 1972, some of their buyers do elect to have a home inspection prior to their final walk through.  Maronda Homes welcomes these inspections, as most inspectors will agree that their homes are constructed well and the inspections usually reveal little or no deficiencies.

Maronda Homes has great communities all over the North Florida and South Georgia areas.  These communities offer a wide variety of plans available to build from 1400 square feet to almost 4000.  These homes offer concrete block construction and are designed using energy star compliant methods and products, delivering not only a strong and durable home, but homes that are more energy efficient.  Visit one of Maronda’s decorated models to see their “Easily Observable Better Value” today!