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Don’t forget your MOM!

Whip up these 20 edible Mother’s Day gift ideas she’ll gobble up >>

Embellished sleep mask

Give a plain sleep mask some flair with rhinestones, jewel glue and glitter slick paint to help moms get some well-deserved slumber.

Personalized stationery

Homemade stationery sets can be assembled and personalized easily by tearing edges, having kids stamp or by monogramming in Mom’s favorite hues.

Craft kit

Combine homemade gifts and hobbies into one by presenting Mom with the supplies she needs to craft her favorite project with her grandkids.

Tote bags

Use iron-ons, fabric paint or fabric markers to help your children brighten up a plain canvas tote especially for Grandma.

Sewing kit

Fill a mason jar with needles, notions and spools of thread and top lid with a stuffing-filled square of fabric to hold pins.

Gardening basket

Fill a plastic wash bin with gardening tools that moms can use as a portable potting tub while she’s soaking up some sunshine.

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Personalized frame and mat

Turn an ordinary picture frame into a homemade display for Mother’s Day memories by embellishing the frame and mat with buttons, lace or sentimental items.

Scrapbook or photo album

Turn childhood memories into a keepsake arrangement by creating a scrapbook or photo album personalized with photos and handwritten notations by your kiddos.

Photo tray

Favorite photos, a wood or metal tray and a little Mod Podge goes a long way to preserve memories and present moms with a homemade tray for serving iced tea or holding jewelry on her dresser.

Drawer sachets

Using small squares of fabric sewn together in a little pillow and filled with lavender or her favorite potpourri, fragrant sachets are a Mother’s Day gift that is as practical as it is sweet.

Stenciled linens

Washable fabric paint gives napkins or tea towels a personalized elegance, especially when decorated with your children’s handprints for Mother’s Day.

Handmade bead jewelry

Kids love to craft homemade strings of colorful beads to create the perfect bracelets, necklaces and earrings for Mother’s Day.

Remember that the package you present your 20 homemade Mother’s Day gift ideas in can be just as special as the gift inside. Use family photos, your children’s handprints and remnants of sentimental fabrics from baby clothes or blankets to adorn your gift bag or box to surely bring a tear to your favorite mom’s eyes!