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Brrrr…Don’t Get Left in the Cold this Winter

Tips for Making a Cold Winter Survival Kit for your Car

Don’t get left in the cold this winter when an emergency strikes!  Car issues leave you on the side of the road?  Be prepared with the essentials to get you through your troubles.

Car Emergency Essentials:   In the winter months, car trouble can turn to disaster quickly.  Preparation can help ease the stress and severity of an auto emergency.  You can find assembled emergency kits at your local hardware, auto supply store, or on-line.  But for the DIY’er, here are some ideas that can keep you safe and comfortable in a winter car emergency.

Blanket:  Even if you live in a warmer climate, temperatures can dip in the evening and you may need sustained warmth, or something to sit on the ground until help arrives.

Shovel:  A mini shovel can give you the leverage you need to dig out of a shallow snowy ditch.

Cat litter/Sand:  Cat litter or sand under your tires creates enough traction to move out of an icy or snowy jam.

Flares:  Safety first!  A flare will alert other drivers that you are in trouble and make you visible enough at night so oncoming traffic knows to slow down and steer away from your vehicle.

Whistle:  A whistle can draw attention from passing drivers, and alert them that you need help.

Flashlight:  A flashlight can be handy to draw attention to you, or assess trouble in a nighttime situation.

Matches/lighter:  You never know if you will need to create heat or just need a little light.

Water/Snacks:  Help can take time.  Proper hydration and healthy non-perishable snacks can help to keep you alert.

First-Aid Kit:  These are always good to have on hand at all times.  Even if there is not a medical emergency, medical tape can come in handy to fix a minor problem in the car.

Jumper Cables:  Whether you are in trouble or looking to help a fellow motorist, jumper cables can give the boost your car needs to get to a safe place.

When you are out on the road this winter, be prepared!  You may just help yourself or another motorist in distress.