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Drab to Fab: Decorating on a Budget

Affordable Tips to Achieve Your Decorating Dreams

You have your new house.  It’s now time to make it your home!  Looking to achieve your decorating dreams without breaking the bank?  Here are a few tips to keep you within your decorating budget!

Inspiration  Do you know that you want something different?  Not sure exactly how to translate that into reality…Inspiration can be found everywhere.  From a billboard to your neighbor’s house!  If you are an internet junkie like myself, you should check out Houzz, Pinterest, or House Beautiful.  I recommend gathering photos of your ideas and creating an inspiration board.  You can even go as far as to design your board like the layout of your home.  Pin your inspirations to the board and see how things mesh before you go all in!

Express Yourself  Don’t forget that “home is where the heart is”.  Self-expression should be visible in your home.  I like to express myself by using family photos.  With so many neat ways to self-edit your favorite photos, you can create a work of art with your favorite subjects!  I like to use Instagram and Photo Collage to create modern looks with my photos.

One of a Kind Finds  Whether your personal style is eclectic or traditional, it is great to get your hands on a one of kind accent piece.  I like to explore local flea markets.  If you like to find a great deal, the experience is half of the fun.  Check out to find markets in your area!  Not the haggling type?  My other personal favorites are Marshalls,T.J.Maxx, and Home Goods.  The housewares’ section in these stores are full of big personality with a small price tag!

 Livable Spaces  One thing to keep in mind when decorating, is to keep it livable.  I grew up in a home where the living room was off limits.  Today’s living room often becomes the kids play or study room.  Decorate to suit your lifestyle not to show off for visitors.  Pick furniture that your family can use and be comfortable with.  I have found great looking furniture at a great price online at both Wayfair and Amazon.  Attractive, Comfortable, and Affordable are the keys to any great room.

Maronda Homes has been committed to building affordable luxury homes for over 40 years.  We can build the house…You can transform it into YOUR home!