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BEE Smart. Be Energy Efficient With Maronda.

Maronda Homes has been an ENERGY STAR® Partner for several years. The idea behind this program is a good one. It provides you the peace of mind that we are installing energy efficient items in your brand new home. In doing so, it creates a communicative relationship between you and our builders. At Maronda Homes we believe that building quality, cost-effective homes to save you money is important. Because of that philosophy, Maronda Home not only meets – it EXCEEDS the strict guidelines for energy efficiency by the ENERGY STAR® program to deliver you better quality, better comfort, and better durability. This means that your home will both conserve energy and save you money on your utility bills every month. Our commitment to energy efficiency is called the BEE Smart Program. Take a tour of the BEE Smart Home.

Why is this program important to us? When the Federal Energy Department raised the standards, the cost to build and maintain efficient homes also increased. As a result, we made a commitment to not only raise the standards, but to help lower the annual cost of your energy efficient home. After all, that’s the point, right? You see, as the demand for energy saving rises, so can the amount we spend on energy efficient products as well as the installation of those products.  So, instead of spending more money each month to pay for energy efficiency, our program helps keep money in your pocket — the point of the energy program in the first place.

Your comfort and happiness is important to us. By converting to our new energy program, Maronda Homes will allow you to save money on the purchase of your home today and tomorrow.  We are committed to maintaining that comfort and happiness you will have acquired as a Maronda Home owner for a lifetime, so our energy program will only become more efficient as new technologies arise. Because at Maronda Homes, it’s all about producing a value that you can see.  Something that Maronda Homes produces every day.

About Tom Greenawalt

Tom is a Licensed Builder in the State of Florida. He has been in the construction industry for 35 years building new homes in Pittsburgh, Washington DC, and Chicago before moving to Central Florida. The majority of Tom's career has on detached housing for entry level and first time move up buyers. He was with Maronda Homes for over 15 years.

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