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Getting organized in the New Year!

With the New Year upon us, many are thinking about getting organized.  Below are a few tips on reorganizing and de-cluttering your home.

What do I save?  There are three things to consider:

  1. Is it sentimental?  There are some things that are special and you just can’t part with.  Whether family mementos, old toys or clothes, or treasures your children made, only you can decide.  Save a few of the “special” baby toys, and “special” baby outfits.  If you can’t save all the artwork or projects your kids do, scan them or take pictures of them.  Get your kids to help you sort through their old stuff.  Things that you are saving because you thought they might have sentimental value for them, you might be surprised to find that they don’t even remember.
  2. Is it valuable?  Some people may be lucky enough to have valuable family antiques, collectable toys, or other items.  If you do have something that is valuable, but has no sentimental value and you want to get rid of it, there is always Craig’s List or E-bay.
  3. Will it be reused?  Many toys that have been packed away for 20 years or so, will look pretty dingy when unpacked for the grandchildren.  However, the hard plastic, name brand toys should still be in pretty good shape, and they don’t make them like that anymore.  Now, most toys are made in China.  A lot of the old clothes may look pretty dingy, too.  Stains will appear and elastic may have dry-rotted.  However, there are some things worth saving, such as hand-made items.  “Dress” clothing that was good quality, but just not worn that often, might be able to be worn again.

If you can’t decide if you should save an item, just save it for now, you can go through everything again in a few years and get rid of it then.  You may find that things which seemed really important five years ago, may not be now.  After you have decided what to save, pack it carefully in containers so it won’t be damaged, and label it.

Organize your photos.  If you haven’t already, you should consider making digital copies of all your old family photos.  As you scan in your old photos, “title” them by year, month, and day (i.e. 2012-1225).  If you don’t know the day or month, at least try to guess on the year, (i.e., put 1980-0000), then sort them by title.  Once you get them sorted in an approximate timeline, you can go back in and try to guess the month and day.  Sometimes, if the subject matter is Christmas or a birthday, you can get the month and date, and can guess an approximate year.  On some of the old photos, the developer would print the date on the back or on the front border.  Otherwise, it is up to your detective skills; who is in the picture, what is their approximate age, can you tell what season it is by the clothes they are wearing, etc.?  Always back-up your photos, never say “I’ll do it later”, that is when your computer will crash!  Thanks to modern technology, all those framed photos on the walls and shelves can now be replaced by one digital picture frame.  There are even several out now that you can e-mail the pictures directly to!

Staying organized – Make lists, there are many Smartphone apps available to help with this.  One good app is ShopShop (available at the iOS app store).  Using apps to create and manage these lists, can also reduce the amount of paper clutter lying around.

Once you have organized your existing home, you will be ready to pack up and move to your brand new Maronda home.  Maronda has been building quality concrete block homes in Florida since 1972.  These homes offer “an easily observable better value”, from the superior design and construction materials to the amazing cost per square foot.  Maronda has great communities located all over the South Georgia, North Florida and the Treasure Coast areas.  Stop in today, or visit online, they have a helpful “chat” feature that will connect you to one of their specialists who can help you get started!