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Getting started with Foursquare Tutorial

Creating an account

Signing up for Foursquare is a snap, especially if you already have a Facebook profile. If you have a smart phone, simply download the app and run it. The instructions built-in to the app are very straight-forward and will get you signed up in no time. Then, come back here and skip to ‘The Interface’ below.

If you don’t have the app, you want to start by opening a new window and heading to Foursquare. There, you will see this page:

Either click ‘Sign up with Facebook’ or ‘sing up with Email’ and fill in your relevant information – be sure to use your real name as your username.

The Interface

Now you’ll see your log-in page, which features a search bar, an activities bar, and if you’ve set-up any venues for your listings, a managers bar. If you add a tip to one of our lists, we’ll provide you with a step-by-step guide to not only create listings but instructions on how to take control of those listings and broadcast specials to highlight your venue to customers in the area and drive traffic to your homes for sale!

This main page also gives you a place to search for friends and network with fellow realtors, local brands, and potential homebuyers.¬†Not only can you broadcast your listings on Foursquare for free, you can also take it one step further and utilize it’s ‘Tips’ feature to get your name and face on popular check-in locations and establish yourself as a local expert that homeowners would be foolish not to consult.


Tips are bits of advice that fellow Foursquare users leave at venues they check in at. They can include recommended items on the menu, nearby sights and sounds that someone from out of town might have missed, or simply “Todd was here.” Branding and image is everything in this business, and Foursquare provides a unique opportunity to extend that brand and appearance from the digital world into the real-time, physical world. We’re here to help get you started! Go to our Foursquare Venues list and use the interactive map to locate a community in an area that you’re familiar with!

Let’s use our Apple Hill community as an example – Julie Sasko-Bissell, a realtor with Coldwell Banker, has already added a tip here that we’ll use as an example:

She wrote: “What a great Maronda Community… so close to route 79, the best ice cream/candy place – Sarris and Southpointe in Canonsburg. Great place to live and play.”

Julie is familiar with our Apple Hill community and decided to highlight it right off the bat, which is great! She also provided some awesome insider knowledge about the area, mentioning it’s convenience to I-79. Best of all, she mentions nearby Sarris Candies, something someone visiting our community might not know about and establishing Julie as a local expert to someone who is visiting our community and¬†interested in finding a home in the area. Isn’t that such a powerful connection?

All you have to do in order to add your ‘tip’ is click in the box where it says “Add a tip…”, dish your in-the-know note, and click share. Want to extend that conversation further? You can link your Foursquare profile to Facebook and Twitter and broadcast to all of your connections your message, lighting up a conversation and hopefully bringing up some great memories. With as little as two clicks, you’re raising awareness for your brand and engaging with your friends and followers!¬†Tips are also a great way to leave information about a listing – imagine your home listing broadcast to potential buyers who are all located physically nearby the home with your picture, your name, and more information about the home listed right beneath that user’s can check-in to see. Leave us a Tip and we’ll send along some information to get you started!

What if someone walks past your listing and the mailbox is out of flyers, but they want more information on the unit? They’ll see the large, blue ‘Check-in here!’ sticker, like on the header of this entry, and fire up the app to check in.¬†¬†Whenever someone checks in to your home, Foursquare will send you an email instantly, giving you the chance to strike a conversation with a potential buyer who is located at your listing and interested! Imagine that listing never disappearing or being buried by other listings, like Craigslist or Facebook, and always being right at the top of the application whenever a user opens it up. Realtors who leave us a tip about a favorite location or sight and sound on our community pages will receive a step-by-step guide to listing their homes on Foursquare, complete with information on setting up a broadcasting ‘special’ as well as tools to follow-up with interested homebuyers who check in to your listing!