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Getting your Outdoor Space in Shape for a Summer Fiesta

Summer is the time for drinks, laughs, and good company…

outdoors of course! Here are a few easy things you can do to ensure your outdoor space is ready for what you’ve got to offer.

-If you need a quick fix for patio furniture, head to your local thrift or resale shop. In recent years, mismatched, bohemian furniture has become a trend. So pick up a few pieces with great structure and spray paint them in fun colors. It’ll make for a great conversation!

-Lighting, lighting, lighting! You want to create a great ambiance at your party. Pick up a few metal lanterns, stock up on candles, and hang a string of lights. This will really set the atmosphere for your guests and they won’t forget it. Grab a few citronella candles as well to keep the pesky mosquitoes away!

-Perk up your plants! It is a good idea to have some lush outdoor life going on aside from your grass. Having plants and tropical greens around creates an environment that feels like you’re on a vacation. To spruce up plain old Terra cotta planters, tape off the bottom half and spray paint with metallic or bright colors.

-Decide on a color scheme for decorations. Pick up linens or plastic table cloths, vases with fresh cut flowers for centerpieces, and tableware.  Also grab some novelty items at your local dollar store such as sunglasses and leis. These things are a small effort that will make for festive photographs your guests will have forever.

-Create a personal menu and stick to it. Often times, party planning comes with stress revolving around the menu. Have a signature cocktail, a small variety of bottled beverages, and options for eating. Keep this casual, summer barbecue style! Depending on the start time of your gathering, assess whether your guests will have eaten dinner prior or not and go from there!

There you have it. A fool-proof way to throw a low-key summer gathering! Cheers!

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