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Give The Perfect Gift – Energy Savings!

Don’t you want to give a gift that gives all year round?  Sure, a new set of golf clubs or a necklace would be nice, but what about the ability to control your homes thermostat while hitting the links!

Need an idea for that sensible gadget guy or gal, give them The Nest – The Learning Thermostat!  The only Smart thermostat that gives its users control from home and on-the-go with the use of a laptop or Smartphone.

Block for EnergySaverIn a world of ever changing technology that is fast and appealing, isn’t it time you discover one that saves energy and money.  The Nest is the answer!  Most people can install The Nest themselves in 30 minutes or less, then, let the savings begin!  It is as simple as changing the temperature on the thermostat for a few days.  After that, the Nest Sense technology has learned about you and your home, and will start to activate it’s one of a kind features to save you more energy.

How can you be sure that The Nest is conserving your energy usage?  It can be seen daily by The Nest Leaf.  When the leaf appears, you know you are saving.  Just a one degree change can conserve energy by 5%.  Energy conservation=$$$ in your pocket!

Have you ever rushed the family out of the house to leave for vacation?  I’m sure the thermostat isn’t top on your priority list!  The Nest will turn your temperature to an energy-efficient level with Auto-Away.  Coming home early and want to have the house ready?  Use the Nest Mobile app and get your house running with a Click!


Today’s savvy consumer likes to see proof that their technology is working for them.  The Nest will provide you with a monthly Energy Report so you can see your usage and get tips on how to save!  Now we all know that there is nothing glamorous about a thermostat, but when you know that they control more energy than your TV’s, computers, stereo and lighting combined…It makes them important!

So when looking for the perfect gift for that special someone… go no further than Home Depot, Lowe’s the Apple Store or and purchase The Nest!


Or, if you want to see The Nest in action, stop into any Maronda community in the Pittsburgh area to check it out!