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Go Rustic With These Decor Tips

So you need a change. You’re looking for something dramatic but comforting. A way to make your home feel like your castle. With the social media giving us ideas on DIY projects that seem impossible and teasing us with incredibly beautiful and bold homes that are out of this world, it’s easier to just dream. But what if you could turn your home into one of those dreams? Would you believe it’s not difficult, nor will it break the bank? Whether you’ve moved into a new place or you are ready to redecorate your current home, here are some tips on how to create that rustic look you’ve been swooning over.

Go Thrifting and Antiquing

Think old. You won’t find the type of pieces for your home at the usual furniture and decor shops. And if you do, they won’t be unique and they will probably be more expensive than you’d like. Going to a thrift store or antique shop will give you a better variety of uniqueness to choose from. Plus there’s room for negotiation and bargaining, so it will be easier to score a piece you like at a lower price. You can make any quality piece work for you, whether it means you beat it up more to make it look more antique or you paint or stain it a different color.

“The Right Stuff”living room

When creating a rustic look, go with designs that rely heavily on natural materials. When thrifting or antiquing, or even if you are making your own decor, utilize salvaged wood and stone, non-shiny metals, leather and furs, antler and cotton fabrics. Go for texture. Remember that when you are thinking of a cabin or castle, nothing is smooth surface or modern. It’s cozy and worn.

“All That Jazz”

If looking for that rich, castle feel you will want to work with neutral colors such as brown, tan and red. If you prefer a more airy feel, stick with lighter browns and add greens and yellows. Remember, think earth. Red is a power color, so that’s why you see it in a lot of castle type decor. If that’s the look you are going for, make it work for you. Copper, bronze and gold accessories along with wood vases or knickknacks bring additional asset to the feel of the room. If you want a little more color by adding flowers, stick with simple wildflowers. Add branches to floral arrangements, or keep away from the flowers altogether and just make decorative branch arrangements. Clay is also a great addition to a rustic room. Add some handmade pottery to your surroundings. Whatever you decide to bring into your room, keep it natural.


Stone Accentsisland

If you want your space to look rich and earthly, bring stone into the room. If you have a fireplace, grout your way to heaven with stone accents. Add stone to a bar or kitchen island. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice at hardware stores such as Lowe’s and The Home Depot about how to DIY. They can give you tips and show you the right materials to use. Make sure to stick to a budget. You don’t have to go overboard. If this is out of your budget or you just aren’t sure you want to start a larger project like this, find ways to incorporate stone into your decor. Filling a vase with decorative pebbles and placing tea lights on top is an easy way to bring nature in creatively. Use larger stones as bookends. Even a stone paperweight adds character.


Lighting is an important element to the room. Stick with something that fills the room with a warm glow, illuminating the rustic atmosphere and creating a comforting feel. Metal, wood or antler chandeliers will really give you that castle or cabin feel. Again, you may be able to find these at antique or thrift stores. If you don’t see something on the floor you like, don’t hesitate to ask if there is anything in the back. Let them know that you are willing to negotiate a price and they should be willing to let the piece go home with you.

Do It Yourself

Whether you do it yourself or you hire someone to do it doesn’t matter. But doing it yourself will give you a satisfaction that nothing else can give you when you see your ideas put together. Plus, think of the compliments you will receive from friends and family. And be prepared to give some advice. Your space will be so inviting and unique you’ll have your friends and family prepared to start their own DIY project!

Note: These tips are not just for living rooms and finished basements. You can use these tips for any room in your home: kitchens, bathrooms, mudrooms, bedrooms–dominate your space by taking control and adding the style you like.


Mix modern with rustic with this finished basement look.


Antlers create a great rustic look to any space. Use them to frame a mirror or use as a centerpiece on your coffee table.


Bring the outdoors in with greens and browns. Repurpose a barn door to make focal point in your space.


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