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Hakuna Matata on Buying a Home

Keep Calm, Hakuna Matata with Maronda Homes

It means no worries if you buy Maronda, it’s a renting free, philosophy.

Why should you buy a home this year?

  • Rent-Free Lifestyle: When you pay rent, you are paying your landlord’s mortgage or adding equity to his or her bank account. However, when you have a home mortgage, you increase your degree of ownership in your home with every payment. A general rule is that if you intend to stay in your property for at least five to seven years, the costs of purchasing the home are more likely to be offset by accrued equity and increased housing value. If interest rates drop, you can refinance your mortgage at more favorable rates, or, once you’ve paid the entire mortgage off, borrow against the equity in your home to fund major purchases such as a second home or your child’s education.
  • Mortgage Deductions: You can deduct mortgage interest as well as your property taxes. Not only that, but if you meet certain requirements the IRS won’t apply a “capital gains” tax on your profits from the sale of your home. You can keep the first $250,000 in profit you make when selling the home if you’re single, or the first $500,000 if married. In addition, those who work from home may be eligible to take deductions for their home office and portions of utilities.
  • The Power of Choice: You like dozens of pictures on the wall? Paint a room black- well feel free because  they are your walls now. Go ahead and paint them tangerine! Wish you had another room? Go ahead and build one, it’s your home and your investment.
  • Protect Your Investment: If you live in a house, you can decide how to approach maintenance, either doing it yourself or picking your own contractor.

When you figure out that buying home is the smartest decision for you, we want to make it a “NO WORRIES” process.

It’s our problem-free philosophy, Hakuna Matata!