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Heating Costs: Simple Tips to Save Big This Winter

Save Big On Heating Costs This Winter

The sky is getting gray, the days are getting shorter and temperatures are shifting. making a couple of quick adjustments to your home can help with your heating costs this year. With a colder than average winter on deck for this year, saving on heating costs could go a long way. Whether you are trying to go green or just save a few bucks on heating this year, these tips will help keep the temperature in your home UP and the cost of your utilities Down.

Ceiling Fans Lower Heating CostsCeiling Fan – If your think that ceiling fan you have in your master bedroom is just for the summer, think again! By switching the rotation of the blades to clockwise, the ceiling fan will push warm air that has risen to the ceiling back down to the floor, circulating the cold air that has settled in on your floor keeping heating costs lower.

Sunshine Savvy – Be sure to take advantage of the hours that the Sun is actually shining. Shorter days mean shorter hours that the Sun is out but making sure window shades are open, allowing in lots of sunlight can keep the temperature of your home warmer and heating costs down. Just be sure to close those blinds one the Sun sets for the day.

Use a Humidifier – the cold temperatures and the use of you furnace can result your home being full of dry hair. Not only does this lead to dry skin, but dry air also doesn’t hold heat as well as humid air. this causes your furnace to work harder. using a humidifier will pump up the humidity of the air in your home and help keep your furnace from working overtime and reduce heating costs. you can find a cheap humidifier at tons of store such as Wal-Mart, Amazon, or Target.

Programmabl Thermostats Lower Heating CostsSet the Thermostat Lower at Night – By setting your thermostat lower at night you can save up to 1-3% of your heating costs. You wont need that extra heat pumping through your house when you are all snuggled up in your bed, and the slightly lower temperature will result in a better sleeping experience. For a easy fix, you could use a programable thermostat that also can adjust the temperatures those hours of the day you are out or at work saving on your heating costs.