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Helpful Tips on Fall Home Decorations

Often times less is more and as we usher in the fall breeze and whirling leaves, the same can be said for fall home decorating.  A few simple touches can make your home feel like the hearth you envision.

The symbolic elements provided by Mother Nature and often integrated into harvest theme home decorating are pumpkins, gourds, acorns, pinecones and leaves of red and yellow hues. There is no true secret to fabulous fall décor, but simple, creative ideas can personalize your effort.

Whether decorating inside or out, central pieces can add the feeling of fall to your home.  Greet guests with an inviting entry way or liven up a dull dinner with little accents.  From miniature pumpkins on fence posts to a tasteful wreath of colorful foliage and twigs on the front door, little pops of color can brighten up even the dreariest of fall days.  And when Thanksgiving nears, cornucopias of dried berries and Indian corn, garlands of mums or topiaries encircled in hay reminds of simpler days.

While it might be chilly outside, inside your home, golden yellows and oranges highlighted by hints of red along with the warm glow of candles can make for a warm and cozy atmosphere.  Apple centerpieces, amber jeweled napkin rings and dried floral arrays are just a few interior decorating ideas.  However, for these indoor designs, size and proportion are keys to keeping new looks from overwhelming your current aesthetic.

In the end, ultimately it’s important to remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and perfection doesn’t make a house any more a home than adding your own touch.  Often, it’s the imperfect that imbues love and that lived in feeling that brings the fondest of memories.