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Holidays with Waves

Holidays with Waves

Whether you are standing in 6 inches or snow, or 6 inches of sand, the holidays are what you make of them.  Wonderful family memories come from holidays, special people and vacations.  So why not bring all those me memories together for the Holidays??

Holidays theme with a beachy  scene!

Sea Shell Holiday TreesIf you aren’t on one of the beautiful coast then you can use beach items to get the effect.  Using seashells you can make a wonderful themed garland to be placed on your mantle or staircase. These work very well because the shapes will remind many of traditional holiday’s decorations.

Simple techniques can give you the beach ambiance and make you feel the water on your toes.

Simple Ideas

Making a Christmas tree, with blue lights and wrapping gifts in a nautical theme will all give to the sandy beach feeling.  Once you have set the room, now cook the meal and make memories that will last for a lifetime.

Dream. Build. LIVE!