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Home ownership is more affordable than rent…

With rent on the rise, the purchase of a home is a trend that is once again catching on. According to Trulia, “in 98 of the 100 housing markets, buying a home is more affordable that renting”. With the average rent for a 3 bedroom in Columbus at $1199 per month, you will find that owning a home is more affordable according to The National Association of Realtors Housing Affordability Index. The time is now to purchase a home for many reasons:

Pride of Ownership-You can decorate and make the home yours with your personal touches.

Appreciation-Over the years, real estate has consistently appreciated with in time.

Mortgage Interest Deductions-Home ownership is a superb tax shelter for homeowners.

Home prices are down-Just within the last year home prices have dropped 4%.

Interest Rates are low-Interest rates are at historic lows.

Savings for the future-Each month you are investing more into your future by increasing equity value.

Now is a great time to purchase a new home. Maronda Homes has very well priced homes throughout Ohio, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Florida. At Maronda Homes we have always believed in saving people money. With the rental averages on the rise, that is the answer to the age old question of “Why Buy Now”….


About Art Browning

Art is a Division Coordinator for Maronda Homes in Columbus Ohio—A New residential home builder since 1972. He currently resides in Galloway Ohio with his wife Jody and three wonderful kids Kyle, Kayla, and Kameron. Outside the office he enjoys camping and gardening.

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