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Home Security Basics in 2012

So you keep your doors locked when you are not home.  Do you figure you are protected from burglaries?  Guess again.  Answer these ten questions and then think about it.

Do you have solid core exterior doors with Deadbolts?  If not, it is very easy to pop the door and not show very much damage from the street.

Do you have burglar Alarm stickers on the windows of your home?  Monitoring companies don’t want you to know that the sticker is what deters most of the criminals from trying to break into a home with an alarm.

When you make a major purchase like a TV, Gaming System or other fence-able product, what do you do with the box?  If you leave it at the curb with the trash you are publicly announcing that you have something worth stealing inside.

Have you let your shrubs grow too big, close to the house?  If a criminal can hide close to the house it gives them time to work on getting in without being seen.

Do your windows and sliding glass door have secondary security locks?  It doesn’t take a college degree to learn how to open a locked window or slider.  The vast majority of windows and sliding glass doors only keep the honest people out.

Do you leave your ladder outside?  People have a false sense of security with second story windows and leave them unlocked a lot.  If a ladder is available outside your home or your neighbors home, it’s quick, quiet and easy to prop it against the house and climb in a second story window.

When you go away for a couple weeks do you have a friend or neighbor pick up your flyers and free newspapers daily?  Stopping your subscribed newspaper and mail is not enough, there are other deliveries that show you are gone.

Do you leave your second car in the driveway with a garage door remote on the visor?  If a criminal can open and close the garage door he can break into the house without being seen or heard.

When you are away do you, or more likely your kids announce where they are on Facebook or Myspace?  Remember these are public sites and can be seen by more than just your “friends”.

Think Geo-tracking apps are really cool?  Go to  and see if you are sending an engraved invitation to be relieved of your possessions.