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Housing Issues Provide Top Motivator for Relocation.

Recent analysis of census data by John Burns Real Estate Consulting reveals that the majority of Americans move for reasons directly related to housing, as opposed to jobs, family or any other factor.

Chris Porter of John Burns Real Estate Consulting, who performed the census analysis, separated the reasons people move into four main categories: family-related, work-related, housing-related, and “other”, which includes factors ranging from finishing college to health reasons and natural disasters.

The analysis showed that the number of homeowners moving for housing-related reasons peaked in 2003, when it accounted for nearly 60 percent of all reasons listed.   From there, the number steadily declined through 2010, reaching a low point just above 40 percent.

According to United Van Lines, states in the Northeast like New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Connecticut and Maine have some of the highest outbound traffic. Illinois and Michigan are high on the list as well.

As for destinations, the nation’s capital was the most popular.  Beyond that, several states in the South and West have seen a high influx of new residents, particularly Florida and Nevada.

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