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How Comfortable are you about Owning Real Estate?

It figures- while all the media outlets bash home ownership and the real estate market the latest quarterly National Housing Survey (covers 4th qtr 2011) from FannieMae.  The survey covers a variety of questions about today’s housing market and sometimes the findings are quite interesting.  For example even though the housing market appears to be sinking- 84% or the respondents believe that owning a home makes more sense than renting.

Over half of the general population believes that owning a home makes more sense than renting.

However the survey found that while people want to own a home there are obstacles to overcome:

  • While a slight majority agree that home ownership has high investment potential, the percentage who feel it is a “safe” investment has declined over the past several years
  • Certain groups (renters, lower levels of education, lower income, African-Americans, and Hispanics) cite potential difficulties in getting a mortgage
  • Specifically, those renting today are most likely to cite poor credit, complexity of process, and bad economic times as major reasons not to buy a home
  • Hispanics and lower-income Americans are not confident that they are getting adequate information to select a loan

The big picture-while there are lots of positive points coming from this survey we need to focus not only encouraging current home owners to move up or resize- we also have to work with lenders to help non-owners the opportunity to own a home in the future.

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Julie was a new home sales counselor for Maronda Homes in Cincinnati, OH. She spent her career in the real estate & new construction industry and is passionate about helping to educate home buyers. When she isn't spending time with clients she enjoys her family and animal rescue.

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