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How to Select Your New Homesite

Let’s talk about how to Select your Homesite!

New Home builder Maronda Homes has beautiful new home communities in major metropolitan areas around Columbus, Cincinnati, Florida and Pennsylvania. Have you had the pleasure of visiting a Maronda community yet? The process of building a Maronda Home is very enjoyable! Rather than having to compromise about so many things, as happens when you buy a pre-owned home, you now have the opportunity to select exactly what you want in your new home. You can begin by selecting your homesite!


When building a new Maronda home, you get to select:

Site Location and Character
Exterior of the New Home
Floor Plan Layout and Details
Fixtures, Finishes and Colors


 Preliminary Decisions about Floor Plan and Site Plan: Since the floor plan and site plan are inter-related, make some preliminary decisions about both before you proceed too far in selecting either one. For example…

Daylight Basement: If you like the idea of a daylight basement in the back of the home, your site will need to slope front to back. Our grading contractor can work wonders when necessary to sculpt the land according to your specs, but let’s help him out, right?

Site Orientation: Another site-related item to think through at the floor plan selection stage is home orientation. If you love the idea of a sunny kitchen, you have to select a floor plan and site location that work together to orient the kitchen on the south, or east, depending on your specific location and your preferences. Other considerations related to orientation include garden placement, energy consumption, outdoor living area exposure, etc.

Check the ‘Lay of the Land’: Be sure to evaluate the shape of the property, elevation, slope and orientation of terrain features to make sure your site matches your plans for the property; such as plans for a garden area, pool installation or outdoor living area.

Location within the New Home Community: Do you like the idea of entering your new home community and quickly arriving at home near the front of the property; or is a secluded location more of what you have in mind? Note the location of amenities when making your decision, such as the walking trails and community center.