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How to Throw the Perfect Summer Party

Summer is all about family, friends, and fun! Is there a better way to bring all of those together than a party? I don’t think so! Keeping things simple should be the motto for any summer party. If you can prepare for your event in advance, you will be able to enjoy the fun with your guests. Here are some tips to beat the heat and keep the party going.

  1. colorful summer partyColor, Color, Color: Eye popping décor puts any party guest in a festive mood. Luckily, Mother Nature provides a lush backdrop this season…So just accent it. Carry your color theme throughout your party…napkins, plates, utensils. Unbreakable and disposable tableware is expected at any outdoor bash, so let your colorful creativity flow! Decorate the outdoors with a bright banner. Purchase them at any party store, or use your computer to print and then hang. has some great summer flag printables to turn your patio into a party!
  2. colorful partyKeeping it Cool: Use bright colored bins for beverages. Putting bottled drinks in with plenty of ice, will allow your guests to choose what they want, without you playing bartender all night. Dress up your beverage cubes with some fruit. Simply add colorful berries or citrus fruit to your ice cube tray, fill with water or juice, and freeze! Your guests will love the creativity and the added flavor to their water as the ice melts.
  3. summer partyLighter Fare: In the heat of the summer, a light menu is the right choice. Have a crudité platter out when guests arrive. Serve light salads: cold pasta, veggie, and fruit. This is the time to take advantage of those fresh and inexpensive farmer’s market finds! Accompany your side dishes with anything you can grill outdoors. This way you can still be at the party while preparing the food.
  4. summer party Satisfy the Sweet Tooth: Traditional desserts like cake or ice cream do not keep in the heat. Try candy jars! Craft and party stores have many to choose from, so pick up a variety of shapes and sizes. Fill them with sweet treats: licorice, caramel popcorn, wrapped taffy. Guests will love the bite size indulgence!
  5. at-outdoor-lighting-jars-500x332Take the Party into the Night: Your party is going to be so great that your guests are going to want to stay and enjoy the atmosphere you created. Be prepared to keep things going with fun outdoor lighting. Votives in glass jars on the tables, tiki torches in the yard, and string white lights over the patio. There will be just enough light to enjoy party into the evening.

Our Best advice: Don’t Sweat It! Summer is hot enough, don’t let stress turn up the heat! Keeping it simple will provide you with an evening of great fun with your family and friends!