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Hurricane preparedness…Maronda style, Part Two!

With the onset of hurricane season, and Tropical Storm Beryl, the first named storm to affect the area, it is time to get our homes ready. Most of the losses associated with tropical storms and hurricanes result from the damages that occur from a lack of maintenance and what most people would consider minor damages. Just as good maintenance can extend the life of an automobile and reduce the occurrence of a break-down, good home maintenance can reduce the risk of storm damage. Water intrusion, due to loose shingles and roof vents as well as cracks in exterior finishes, contributes to much of the damage that occurs.  Another big issue during these storms is wind borne debris, resulting from loose items blowing around and causing damage.

The following is a list of items to check in preparation for storm season:

1. Check your roof (or have a licensed contractor check) for loose or missing shingles, holes, or nail pops.

2. Check roof vents and stacks for damage.

3. Clean your gutters and down spouts.

4. Replace any missing or deteriorated caulking around windows and doors.

5. Caulk any cracks in the exterior siding, stucco, or decorative masonry finishes.

6. Check for loose or missing trim around windows and doors.

7. Repaint any exterior walls that are showing signs of deterioration or have not been painted within five years.

8. Check garage doors for proper operation including any wind bracing provided with the door.

9. Have plywood or storm shutters available to cover all exterior openings if needed.

10. Make sure all drains and catch basins around your home are clear of debris and able to drain freely.

11. Stow any loose items around your home such as lawn furniture, trash cans, and yard maintenance equipment.

12. Trim back any dead tree limbs or ones touching your home or roof.

Of course, a great way to prepare for hurricane season is with a brand new home that has been constructed to the most current building codes. block homes by maronda in jacksonville florida Maronda Homes has been building quality reinforced concrete block homes in Florida since 1972.  These homes are designed to meet or exceed the current Florida Building Code. They have also been designed to provide protection from water intrusion using our new “Stay-Dry” foundation design. Several years ago, Maronda discovered that many homeowners failed to preform the above maintenance items, which resulted in many water intrusion issues. Maronda builds cornet block homes in Jacksonville Florida By changing the foundation design from a monolithic slab to a stem-wall, the potential for water intrusion is reduced significantly even with this lack of preventative maintenance.  No amount of preparation will completely eliminate the risk of damage, but these things can go a long way to ensure minimal effect.

If you would like more information on Maronda or tips on how to prepare for hurricane season, visit or come to one of the many decorated model homes in the North Florida and South Georgia areas today.

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