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Is Buying a Maronda Home more affordable than Renting? Yes!

Madison M Elevation

This question has been asked in real estate since the very first single family home was built.  In today’s real estate market, the answer has never been more crystal clear…buying is far more affordable over renting, especially in Florida and Ohio.  There are several reasons…home prices are falling, mortgage interest rates are at historically low levels, and rents are on the rise.

“Since the start of the ‘Great Recession,’ many former homeowners have flooded the rental market. Following the principles of supply and demand, renting has become relatively more expensive than buying in most markets,” said Pete Flint, CEO and co-founder of Trulia.

Buying a brand new single family home over renting is rapidly becoming a financially-expedient decision in a majority of American cities and that’s where Maronda Homes can help you. Maronda Homes builds in 28 subdivisions across the major metros of Orlando in places that you will love to be, such as Orange County, Seminole County and Osceola County.

One such place that Maronda Homes has recently begun new home sales is our exclusive gated community in the beautiful city of St. Cloud.  Davis Estates is just a few blocks from the St. Cloud historical district featuring unique restaurants, antique stores, and specialty shops.  Also, just down the street is East Lake Toho which has public access for a relaxing day at the lake with family and friends.

Sierra Family Room

At Davis Estates, you’ll find award-winning home designs ranging from 2400 – 3900 square feet of living area.  Our Sierra Model is currently under construction and we anticipate a Grand Opening in early July, 2012.  Make plans to come out and see us and for more information on all our exciting Central Florida new home subdivisions, please contact us at Maronda Homes and “Like” us on Facebook.