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It’s Labor Day… So Enjoy It!

Monday September 3, 2012 is Labor Day.  It is a day to stop work and celebrate the efforts of the American Worker.  Government workers, Union workers, School Teachers, Bank Employees pretty much everybody that works gets a day off. That would be except for Retail Workers and Restaurant Workers who typically work longer hours over Labor Day Weekend.  With so many people on Holiday apparently it’s the second best day for retail spending after black Friday.  So what to do this Labor Day?  Shop, go out to eat, take in a movie, visit family?  It’s pretty much one of the few holidays were you are not obligated to be somewhere and you can do what you want.

Labor day marks the end of Summer.  When I was young I would hear the phrase the you “don’t wear white after labor day”  This was something that did not impact my wardrobe personally,  I was young and male. I wasn’t allowed to wear white anytime, because it wouldn’t stay white for long.  I still think the phrase doesn’t make a lot of sense for those of us in Florida.  The best explanation I’ve heard for it, was that it came about by the well to do in the North East who wore fall colors of which white was not included, but my instinct is that the really “well to do”, were down here in Florida during the winter months wearing white well past Labor day but their friends back in the North East didn’t know it.  Those were the days before cell phones and given that most every cell phone has a camera the secret wouldn’t be safe anymore.

Labor day marks the beginning of Football Season.  College and High School games are just beginning and professional game start the week after Labor Day.  So whether you enjoy fall sports or just spending time with friends, Labor Day is a weekend for Parties, Picnics, and Cooking on the Grill.  It’s  great time to do what you like to do.  It also marks the start of the fall selling season for new homes.  So if you like to see what the latest homes have and tour the new model offerings, it’s a great time to stop by and see the new models and new features.  Take a drive and take a tour.   The models for Maronda Homes are open this weekend on both Saturday and Sunday.  But remember, our models are closed on Labor Day so our Sales Specialists can spend time with their families on the Holiday.  Have a great Weekend!