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Just Checking In!

Hello everyone, we’re super-excited today because we’ve got some really awesome announcements to make. Maronda Homes of Pittsburgh is stepping into the social space in a big way this week! We’re now live on our Facebook and Twitter in Pittsburgh with our new community manager Dan Wilkerson, and this week we’re pioneering into the digital world in places no other builder has yet ventured (as far as we know, of course, so no hurt feelings to any other builders out there).

What we’re talking about is Foursquare, the popular location-sharing app! If you haven’t heard about Foursquare yet, please check the back of your computer and make sure all power cables are securely attached. Seriously though, Foursquare is the brainchild of Dennis Crowley and Alex Rainert, based out of the East Coast metropolis New York City. The app lets you broadcast to your friends where you are, earn ‘mayorships’ of locations and stores, and dominate your friends on a weekly scoreboard.

We’re a competitive bunch and we’ve got a bit of an eye for creativity, so we decided to get involved. Maronda Homes is now offering for a limited time only a check-in special of $500.00 in FREE options on new construction homes just for checking into our community models!


We figured that would probably blow your mind. But now, in honor of the late Steve Jobs, we’d like to have a ‘One more thing…’ moment. Maronda is also working with leaders in the area around our communities to offer potential homebuyers and community residents curated ‘Tips’ lists of the best and brightest around each of our communities in the coming weeks. Tech-savvy Julie Sasko-Bissell (@weknowjulie) is already dropping some insider ice-cream knowledge on our Apple Hill and Summit communities! Drop in any ‘Tips’ you have about the area and we’ll be sure to highlight them on our Facebook feed (we’ll even tag you in them too, since we’re feeling so nice).

Keep your eyes on us for more new how builder innovation in the digital world! New homes Pittsburgh has been searching for!